For years I have been close friends with Lauren since meeting her while teaching together at Mullins UMC. We were acquaintances at work until one very cold day in February, 2008. I had been driving to work that morning when I was sideswiped on the highway. Since both Lauren and I took a similar rout, she just so happen to see me and pulled over minutes after the accident. She invited myself and my very confused daughter to sit in her warm car as we waited for police to arrive and clear up the matter. Wow! I cannot believe we have been buddies for almost a decade!

Lauren has two older children, 13 year old Laila and 9 year old Alex from her first marriage; and she also has a spunky little almost 3 year old lady named Grace from her second marriage.  She is such a cool mama; and, we had a ball while documenting her family in several fun locations in the Midtown Memphis area. Sunset in Overton Park is just dreamy; and, lets be honest, who doesn't love candy?