Hi there! My name is Jessica Pickler and I am a photographer based in Memphis, TN.

I named my company Brother Photo in honor of my brother, Joshua. He was the most kindhearted human being and my very best friend. The last photos taken of us together were taken by my amazing wedding photographers. This lit a new fire in my soul for photography that had always been burning. The power of the perfect photo is priceless. Per my request, my photographers captured a reveal of myself  in my wedding gown before the ceremony to my dad and brother. They had their backs to me and as everyone around watched, I strolled up to them and gently tapped on their shoulders. My favorite photos of my brother from my wedding day are not the clear, planned, staged shots of him; they are the shots of us hugging in that amazing moment and of him turning his face away from the camera to dry his tears. Those photos, they are not mere images, they are treasures

I love to hear other's stories. I love connecting with people. I can feel my heart and soul grow each time I meet someone new. You see, I am a story teller, and I want to hear and see your story. I want to tell your story through a collection of gorgeous images that conveys you and your loved ones perfectly in each and every way. Let me capture the moments in your life that you never want to forget.